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30° Ningbo Short Film Festival

The Busan International Short Film Festival is growing into a representative short film festival not only in Korea but also in Asia. A variety of new short films made by Korean and international filmmakers are presented in Busan and compete against one another as part of the International and Korean Competitions. At the same time, each year, short films are curated around various themes such as history and society, centered on the seventh art, according to the theme of the year, to build a successful film festival for Busan. This year's 41st BISFF will feature three special programs. First, 'the Curtain Call' showcases award-winning films from four major film festivals: Cannes, Venice, Berlin, and the Oscars. Also, the 'Ningbo Short Film Festival Special' celebrates the collaboration between BISFF and the Ningbo Short Film Festival, which has sparked a new wave of creativity in the Chinese short film industry. Lastly, 'the BISFF Short Film Project' features Korean short films produced in Busan that were discovered and supported by BISFF.