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3D Cinema

Short films are the research and development department of the film industry. Without the commercial pressure to which many Hollywood blockbusters are exposed, stereoscopic short film makers are explorers of new worlds. They search for their own cinematographic language and seek adventure where nobody has ever gone before. In this sense, the 3D Cinema program is a unique opportunity to see contemporary artistic, technical and storytelling experiments from around the world for the first time in Korea. This program shows how stereoscopy is comfortable in all genres: It enriches animation, fiction, documentary, as well as abstract and experimental movies. As stereoscopic filmmakers are always pioneers of their kind, it is normal to observe artificial intelligence become a tool for creativity in 3D movies. However, as new technologies such as VR, XR and Spacial Video offer new but often solitary types of immersive experiences, the stereoscopic 3D cinema remains the unique space to live and share immersive stereoscopic artworks as a group. Fasten your eyeballs and get ready to take off the flat screen!