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I the eye

Korean Times

South Koreaㅣ2023ㅣExperimental, Fictionㅣ17'55"ㅣDCPㅣB&W, ColorㅣWorld Premiere

One day in 2023, a hero from the United States becomes homeless. His appearance is somehow reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin in the 1930s. The film, which cross-edits Seoul's modern archival footage with the present in a silent film style, depicts the journey of a wanderer seeking a new home with the help of strangers. Directed by Forest Ian Etsler, who also appears in the film, it features the comedic acting and lively rhythm of the supporting actors Jayoung Kim and Junbae Kim. (KANG Byunghwa)


Forest Ian Etsler


Producer│Zheng Heng
Script│BAE Wonjung
Cinematographer│CHOI Seongho
Editor│Forest Ian Etsler
Sound│JUNG Mina
Cast│KIM Jayoung, KIM Junbae, Forest Ian Etsler

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2024-04-28 Cinematheque 14:30 I the eye
2024-04-29 Cinematheque 14:30 I the eye