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Operation Kino

Still Love

South Korea│2024│Documentary│16’41”│DCP│Color│World Premiere

A filmmaker named Siyeon yearns for eternal love but wonders if it is even possible. The weight of eternity and love burdens her until she stumbles upon a 27-year-old letter from her parents, who were convinced of their undying love. Where has the love of Jaesoon and Jaehwan, who once dreamed of eternity, gone? By making a documentary about them, she hopes to learn the secret of everlasting love.


JEONG Siyeon


Producer│KIM Hyemin
Script, Editor│JEONG Siyeon
Cinematographer│LEE Jungkyun, PARK Suhyeon
Sound│JIN Jonggwan
Cast│JEONG Siyeon, JEONG Jaehwan, SIM Jaesoon

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2024-04-27 BNK BUSAN BANK Art cinema corner Theater 14:00 Operation Kino
2024-04-29 Cinematheque 20:30 Operation Kino