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Thank you for Attending BISFF 2023


Dear BISFF friends!

I'm Minchol Cha, director of the Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF).

Thanks to your support, the 40th Busan International Short Film Festival 2023 has finished its 7-day journey.

Looking back on the achievements of the past 40 years and dreaming of the next 40 years, this year's BISFF was more special than ever. We felt once again

the reason for the existence of the film festival, where filmmakers and audiences met through films screened in movie theater.

It was a precious time to share opinions about movies and film festivals and to share empathy and solidarity.

I am deeply grateful to all the filmmakers for delivering great works. Thank you to the audience who love the Busan International Short Film Festival

I sincerely thank all the contributors and partners who have supported the BISFF.

The Busan International Short Film Festival will continue to take more powerful steps by gathering the power of films, the passion of filmmakers,

and the energy of audiences.

We wish you all happiness and peace, and we will see you again next spring in Busan.

Thank you.

Minchol CHA

Director of the BISFF

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