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BISFF2018-Winners of Korean Competition
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2018-05-02 16:49:11
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Winners of Korean Competition

General Statement of Korean Competition


The general quality of the films was good. In particular, acting and camera works were beyond expectations.

We hope all the young directors keep trying hard and come up with unique styles of films. It was nice to see so many female directors this year. We strongly encourage all the directors to work on their stories and skills. We hope to see more of their works in the future.



Grand Prix for Best Picture

Scar / Choi Jungyeon

The film contained different elements of short film and it abstracted the storyline very well. We were especially impressed with the performance of the female actress, facial expressions in particular.

Excellence Award for Best Picture

Semi-basement / Min Hyunki

Rhythm and speed of the film was good. It managed to keep tension throughout the film while giving surprises which made perfect sense and unique in style.

Jury Prize

On the Way / Kim Hyuntak

Casting was good and the characters were well portrayed. The director took us to the story. We liked how the main character tries to take responsibilities.  It gave us the feeling of traveling the space of young people’s reality.

Busan Cinephile Award

Scar / Choi Jungyeon

The film with cinematic ideas that makes us inspect our society more closely through the experience of a young girl.


Best Acting Award

A Silent Dancing / Kim Yena

She built tension in the movie She was able to show diversity through the movie. A promising young actress who leaves a strong impression. Looking forward to seeing her in her next film.


Special Mention

Pollock / Li Hongmei

It’s a heartwarming film that showed different human elements.

We were able to see different life styles of Chinese (with Korean root) living in Korea through cooking and unique culture.


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