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BISFF 2018 - Winners of International Competition
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2018-05-02 16:47:14
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Winners of International Competition

General Statement of International Competition


We want to thank the 41 filmmakers in the International Competition for making our job as the jury very difficult. The films we saw this week made a rich and profound tapestry of cultures, landscapes, film genres, and moving emotional journeys. With this scope and range of films, there can be no absolute criteria for one film to be chosen above the others- but we are pleased that 

Grand Prix for Best Picture

The Distance / Yousef Kargar / Iran

A simple, delicate, profound story about the pain of love, and how sometimes we must hide the truth to protect the ones we love.

Excellence Award for Best Picture

The Kitman / Andres Cornejo Pinto / Ecuador

A witty, funny and moving documentary that reveals the heroes who are normally unseen behind the curtains of the bigger spectacle.


Jury Prize

High Way / Chia Chee Sum / Malaysia

A patient, minimalist film that boldly trusts the imagination of the audience, with at least as much taking place off-screen as on-screen.

Busan Cinephile Award

Picture World / Elin Övergaard / Sweden

It stimulated our curiosity and imagination beyond the story itself, long after its ending.



Special Mention

Tweet-Tweet / Zhanna Bekmambetova / Russia

A stunningly animated film that discusses the heavy topic of the long rope of life and death, in a light and charming way.


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