Moonlight Cinema

Moonlight Cinema

'Moonlight Cinema' is an outdoor theatre located in Susan's representative sightseeing site since 2015: the Sanbokdoro area (meaning 'hillside road'). Please try the unique experience of watching short films while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of Busan's harbor and old downtown by nighttime. During the Busan International Short Film Festival 2018, 'Moonlight Cinema' will present the 'Shorts for Family' sections, which are meant to be watched together with family, friends and couples. Even after the Busan International Short Film Festival 2018 concludes, 'Moonlight Cinema' will continue to treat audiences with several programs - including short films - from August to September, providing more great opportunities to introduce various imageries to cultural minority groups and stunning nighttime vista to tourists.

Information for Festival Venue


  • Cheonmasan Echo House 342 Chenmasan-ro, Seo-gu, Busan

Public Transportation Information

  • Near Toseong Station Line1 from Exit 4, take bus 190 → Get off at "Chojang Middle School" station and 6 min. on foot
  • Near Toseong Station Line1 from Exit 6, take (Townbus) Saha-gu1-1, Seo-gu2 at “Busan National University Hospital” Station
    → Get off “Ami-dong Public Parking lot” Station and 500m on foot.

Bus Number) 190, (TownBus) Saha-gu1-1, Seo-gu 2

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