Program Guide(PG)

Busan International Short Film Festival’s special ‘Program Guide’ (PG) is a brief session to explain the film before the movie screening. It is a great time for the directors or programmers to help the audience understand the film through explaining the program’s intentions and background of the movie.
26 April 13:00 Cinematheque Prequel of New Zealand Gina Dellabarca (Director of Show Me Short Film Festival)


Title Director Category Runnung Time Format
Dive Matthew Saville Fiction 13'10'' Color DCP
Ross and Beth Hamish Bennett Fiction 15'27'' Color DCP
Accidents, Blunders and Calamities James Cunningham Animation 5' Color DCP
Wait Yamin Tun Fiction 14' Color DCP
Home Thomas Gleeson Documentary 11' Color DCP
Madam Black Ivan Barge Fiction 12' Color DCP
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