Shorts for Family

Shorts for Family

‘Shorts for Family’ is designed to provide parents and children with the delight of enjoying and communicating together while watching short films.

Continuing its spirit from past years, this year BISFF is happy to add two more special programs that focuses on children and adolescents.

Comprised of four animated films and one fiction film under the theme of ‘Dream and Imagination,’ this ‘Kids’ program will help children enhance their imaginations. It will present films with no borders between fantasy and reality including Spring Jam, a story of a fawn trying to join its own herd and Bows and Arrows, a story of children who meet (presumably!) real Indians playing in the woods.

The ‘Youth’ program presents four films from Africa, Hungary, France and Taiwan respectively. It will help our adolescents see the different realities their peers in other countries deal with and have a chance to ponder on them.

The two ‘Family’ programs will offer the family audience an opportunity to think about understanding and living with others with such films as 100th Birthday Wish, a story of a family reuniting for the celebration of the 100th birthday of a grandmother and The Empty Home, a journey of a boy and a girl on streets, looking for a place to stay.

I hope that the ‘Shorts for Family’ section will offer a chance for the audience to enjoy and share the touching moments of the films as well as experience the charm that only short films can deliver.
Hong Youngjoo
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