Short for Family

Shorts for Family

The films from the 'Shorts for Family' program are meant to be shared by both children and their parents as a bonding experience: in that regard, they are similar to bedtime stories read before sleep, each with its own flavor, its own thrills, its own origin, and perhaps its own educational potential. All six animated films from the 'Shorts-Kids' section star animals, like Coco's Day and its family of crocodiles, or children that behave a bit like animals, like Cat Days and its young Jira who becomes convinced that he's a cat. We hope that our youngest audiences will recognize themselves in these heroes of scales and fur, and that they'll come to see them in a new light. The two 'Shorts-Family' sections endeavour to make our audiences grow up a bit by presenting films in which children must deal with situations that are either unusual, more challenging or even more arduous than they usually face. In the first section, they discover the struggles of the adult world and how to manage them with wit, aplomb and inventiveness, like the responsible daughter and her volatile mother in Jinhee's World or the cheeky pupils who defy their headmaster's dictatorial authority in It rains slowly. In the second section, six delicate films describe the sensitive relationships that arise when children live or interact with only one of their parents, such as the boy and his father who share the same unrelenting passion for soccer in Be the Reds. Finally, the 'Vouth' section features five shorts showing teenagers who use various art forms in order to express themselves, their thoughts and their emotions, like Lavanya who copes with an injury even as she gives concerts as a DJ in Kendis, or like the titular character in JoJo's Camera who takes photographs for his beloved grandfather, or like the disabled painters from A Picture of Courage. Have fun, be moved and enjoy the 'Shorts for Family' all together!
Sébastien Simon
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