World Shorts

World Short

World Short is a window to show the trends of short films around the world.
It consists of 4 sections :
first is 'Prism', which introduces new shorts works of major directors from all over the world.
Second, 'Landscape of Asian Shorts' section focus only on Asian short films.
Third, ‘Curtain call’ is designed to look at trends of short films recently gathering the award winning works of the world's leading international (short film).
finally we have a program called 'Short letter from Uppsala' that still feels the unique charm of the Nordic movies.
We hope that it will function as a space where you can feel the richness of the unique and diverse colors of world short films.
  • 주한뉴질랜드대사관
  • 송도해수피아
  • BNK부산은행
  • 주한퀘벡정부대표부
  • 부산광역시 중구
  • 영화의전당
  • 주한캐나다대사관
  • 유네스코 부산
  • 부산광역시
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