Korean Competition

Selection criteria for the 34th Busan International Short Film Festival Korean Competition

In selecting the films submitted to the 34th Busan Short Film Festival International Competition, the 14 members of the preliminary jury; which includes 3 international and 11 domestic have followed a strict guideline during the past two months. A total of 870 films have gone through 2 elimination processes which concluded in 23 films in the Korean Competition.

The examination of the distribution ratio by genre shows Fiction at 84%, Documentary 5%, Animation 8% and 3% of Experimental films followed. Compared to the International Section (Fiction 69%, Documentary 5%, Animation 10%, Experimental 8%), a lean towards fiction can easily been shown in the Korean Competition as well as in the Korean short films industry.

Also, the subjects are mostly about school life, family or relationships between others and the difficulty in employment, which represents the problems of young people. The reason for this is because most of the people who are filming are students; it is the reflection of the current social problems which young people are faced with.

However, the circumstances to those lean towards on one genre, shows monotonous in Korea Short films and lack of concern in questioning for new answers or deficiency on how they control the subject.

The 34th Busan International Short Film Festival’s jury for the International Competition stated that under the circumstances which many films show perfection of storytelling or technical proficiency followed two principles (standards) to select the finalists.
First, “Short Filmness,” the preliminary jury believes that there is a film aesthetic that exists only in short films. Something that would be buried or that cannot be handled in a full feature film therefore, only in short films can it truly be valued; some things are precious and beautiful only because they are expressed as a short film. The second standard is “Issue Awareness,” which focuses more on the films that were given an apparent awareness of an issue. The reason for this is because awareness is what defines the subject and the format of a film; more merit was given, allowing an issue to create its format rather than simply following a format for the sake of it.

We would like to spread our deep gratitude to all who have submitted their films. The hours that the jury has spent while examining the films were long and arduous, but also were precious moments experienced with new and powerful ventures.
Thank you.
The Preliminary Jury of the 34th Busan International Short Film Festival
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