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Guest Country Program

The 'Guest Country Program' of the Busan International Short Film Festival was designed to offer an opportunity to understand not only artistic but also cultural, social and other various aspects of individual countries, through a wide range of short film and performance, exhibition, etc. Beginning with France in 2012, New Zealand and Switzerland are set to present their varied cinematic works in 2018 and 2019, respectively.







  • BISFF 2012 Guest Country France

    Cineaste 2012 : Retrospective 'Dominique Cabrera'
    Dominique Cabrera shows a wide range of cinematic horizons from short&midium-length documentaries with social issues to feature-length dramatic films and autobiographical essay films. Most of her films are based on reality and her own life as a French person from Algeria, making it unable to divide documentary and drama. For her, films are genuine expressions about her world and life. She did a research on films of Abbas KIAROSTAMI and Pierre PERRAULT in mid 1990's funded by Hors les murs de la Villa Medicis, and taught film at Harvard University, FEMIS etc.
    The 29th BISFF 2012 in going to screen her 11 short&medium-length films(drama, documentary, essay films) and a feature-length dramatic film, <Fanatical Peace(Folle embellid, 2004)>. Also there will be a Master Class of director Dominique Cabrera. She will participate as a final jury during the festival.

    Masterpieces of Franch Short&Medium-length Films
    The 29th BISFF 2012 shows 16 masterpieces of French Short&Medium-length Films, which has led aesthetic trends of world film history. This section is for celebrating 'Guest of Honor Country' of the year, France. It prdvides you with rare opportunity to appreciate historic whort and medium-length films of Segundo de Chomon, Jean Cocteau, Jean-Pierre Melcille, Eric Rohmer, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and major award winners in 2000's.

    Korea-Franch Thema Exhicition(Crossed Gaze, 'Immigration and Immigrants)
    Two distant countries, Korea and France don't have a similar history and culture. Nevertheless, similar things have given rise thanks to the development of transportation, mass media and internet. Most of all, people in the both countries are familiar with foreign cultures and foreigners and they live with thether they like it or not.
    The purpose of the 'Korea-France Theme Exhibition' is to exchange the thoughts about 'immigration' of the two countries' whose historical backgrounds are so different. The longer history or French Immigration may give Korea a lesson about how to deal with future conflicts on immigration.
    Of course, this exhibition cannot have direct or immediate political and economic ripple effect. Reflecting on each other's situation, we may dray a conclusion that we should be careful to both unconditional, simple hostility and irresponsible, humanism. We urge to reflech this issue seriously through this exhibition.

  • BISFF 2013 Guest Country China

    Cineaste 2013 : 'NING Ying'
    A representative female Chinese film director, NING Ying was born in Beijing in 1956. After studying at the Beijing Film Academy along whit the Fifth Generation filmmakers CHEN Kaige and ZHANG Yimou, she went to study at ltaly's Centro Sperimentale di Cinenatografia. While in ltaly, she met ltalian diretor Bemardo Bertolucci and joinde his epic <The Last Emoperor> as an assistant director.
    Her representative works include what is called Ning Ying's Beijing Trilogy', <For Fun>(1992), <On the Beat>(1995), and <I Love Beiging>(2000). Also <Perpetual Motion>(2005) which boldly reveals the really of the Chinese society though the eyes of women, and <Railroad of Hope>(2001), a documentary dealing with the life of chinese poor farmers, are famous.
    She usually works with non-professional actors(in the real life) and covers the reality of Chinese society though various genres such as fiction and documentary, sometimes comically and sometimes seriously, in that context, her works are referred to as hacing a tendency to post-neorealism. It is expected that "Cineaste 2013" can be the opportunity to highlight her would of art works.

    A Selection of Chinese Short Films
    the 30th Busan International Short Film Festival selects and screens 17 shorts films to wee the trend of short film in China, the Guest of Honor Country this year. It is composde of 3 sections.

    Korea-China Univ. Film exchange
    China is the main pillar of Asian film culture along With Korean and Japan. For this program, Beijing Film Academy(北京电影學院) as a representative film school in China and five school in Busan (Kyungsung Univ., Donyseo Univ., Dongeul Univ,. Busan National Univ., Youngsan Univ.) Participate. By cross-screening student's films from both countries. you will find out the contemporary trend in short films in both countries and their point of view toward the world. Also you can share their thought on films. Along with the cross-screening, international conference is prepared to look on the current state and vision of the film education.

    Progranner HONG Yung-joo

  • BISFF 2014 Guest Country Spain

    This is the third year of the Guest Country Program and this year's Guest Country is Spain, the land if passion. Cervantes and Don Quixote, Goya, Savador Dali and Pedro Alodovar. The Guest Country system takes a look at the diverse films that each country produces to provide an opportunity to understand the culture and society of the country beyond the field of cinema seen through short films. With the domestic and international growth of our film festival. we have seen this program bring more in-depth and diverse aspects of the Guest Country and its film culture th the we have audience and firmly believe that this year's program will undoubtedly generate wide interest in not only the short films from Spain, but also its cinema and culture, in Busan, the city of movies. The Guest Country section this year will present three major aspects to the audience. Spanish Panorama, which will provide an overview of Spanish short films, Spanish Horror, the biggest feature of Spanish films which have continued to demonstrate their uniqueness, and Spanish Animation, which is a definite merit of Spanish cinema. This section was prepared with the collaborated effort and trust we have with two international short film festivals that are representative of Spain (Filmets Badalona International Short Film Festival, Mecal International Short and Animation Film Festival Barcelona). The audience will tracel through the vast open fields under the blazing daytime sun, the eerie moon late at night and the warious colors of Spain.

    Lee Sanghoon

  • BISFF 2015 Guest Country Sweden

    This spring, the celebrated Guest Country Sweden will illuminate Busan, "the city of films." Located about 20,000 kilometers from Busan, Sweden is known for its advanced social security system with the slogan "from cradle to grace", its long history of Vikings as well as numerous cultural feats such as Abba, lngmar Bergman, Greta Garbo and ingrid Bergman. In addition, Sweden reflects the sufferings of Korea as a country that accepted a number of Korean adoptees, the most notable figure of witch is Susan Brink (Korean name Shin Yun-suk). However, all such elements usually remain scattered and unrelated. In this sense, it would be highly significant and valuable for Korean audiences at BISFF to discover Sweden's true identity and lesser-known element by means of films, one of the most popular media and universal art from. The audience is invited to enjoy a range of short films directed by lngmar Bergman and other master directors who left their marks on the world's film history. The festival also offers a golden opportunity to observe short film made young talented Swedish directors and the present of the country's film industry. The audience can enjoy many genres, from fiction and documentary to experimental film and animation, which will provide a perspective into colorful lives expressed in distinctive ways. it will also possible to understand the background for singular Swedish films that recently hit the global makets, including Let The Right One In and the Millennium series BISFF hopes Korean audiences will discover the charms of Swedish films so that they will settle as part of the cinematic landscape in Korea.

    Lee Sanghoon

  • BISFF 2016 Guest Country Austria

    There may be many elements that make a country's specific image become engrained in the minds if people living far across its borders.
    When the element representing the country is not a tangible one, like politics or economics but an intangible cultural element, there needs to be something stronger and long-lasting. How many countries in this planets are defined by its culture? Located in the centre of Europe and small but well know to the test of the world as a nation of music with a brilliant history and ancient cultural traditions, Austria is a such country. Austrian film boasts a characteristic color, though not quite as unparalleled as in the music arena. it is a leader in the experimental film arena, where it shows an avant garde position trying new things and true concern for the content and form.
    Experimental film is where the spirit of experiments rejected by the short film, that is, the sprit of exploring more than a story but the film itself, is the most apparent. Austria is also where "music", its trademark artistic genre, combines with film for active production. Those joining us at the film festival this year various programs prepared, such as the "Austrian Experimental Short", the"Austrian Music Shorts", and the "Austria Panorama".

    Lee Sanghoon

  • BISFF 2017 Guest Country Canada

    The 'Guest Country Program' is a venue that uses the short film spectrum to discover the diversity that makers up not only film but a country. Beginning with France fice years ago, we traversed many countries in Europe, then China in Asia, and now we meet Canada this year. Canada's might regarding film is beyond description. Many capable directors hail from here, where English and French are used together. Never mind the great masters of the past - there are still english directors such as Denis Villeneuve and Xacier Dolan. Canadian film is head to head in fiction, documentary and animation whit France and United States, while leading the experimental film genre. This year marks the 150th anniversary of Canada founding, making this year's 'Guest Country Programs' all the more special, as an opportunity to meet the various faces of Canada. 26 short films will be showcased through four programs: 'Canadian Panorana', 'Canada First Nations', 'National Film Board of Canada Special', and 'BISFF Talk: Duet'. Here is Busan 2017, we invite you to meet the short film from Canada, where the future is bright.

    Lee Sanghoon

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