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Continuing its own identity and unique feature, the 2017 Busan International Short Film Festival looks into the current trend of international short films and presents four program categories. It includes Official Competition, Guest Country Program, World Shorts and Shorts for Family under which subcategories are associated respectively.

First of all, Official Competition, which has been extended with two territories including Korea and International region in order to introduce more diverse films since 2015, is expected to show the current fashion of world short films and the unique feature of Korean short films at the same time.

Second, World Shorts will be an umbrella to embrace a new section Prism. This section will introduce new films of internationally acknowledged directors such as Mark Rappaport, Kevine Jerom Everson, Thom Andersen and Jean-Marie Straub. World Shorts will also bring other sections that will show wider spectrum of international short films including: Landscape of Asian Shorts that will look into the trend of Asian short films; Curtain Call that will introduce films awarded by prominent international film festivals; Short Letter from Uppsala that will bring a taste of the charm of Northern European films.

Third, the guest country of the 34th Busan International Short Film Festival is Canada which celebrates its 150th anniversary of national foundation.
Canada adopted multiculturalism in 1971 for the first time in world history and has been actively supporting diverse cultures ever since. In order to show the past and current pictures of Canada in different colors, Guest Country Program will provide a variety of performances and exhibitions as well as screenings. Included are: Canada First Nations which will portray the cultures of First Nations in films; National Film Board of Canada Special which brings the selection of National Film Board of Canada, one of the leading institutions in the field of new media; VR Project, an exhibition of VR projects; Canadian Panorama which is comprised of recent Canadian short films receiving high attention; a special performance by Samian, a musician and photographer with First Nation origin.

Fourth, BISFF extends and reorganizes Shorts for Family Program under a slogan “UP CLOSE” in an attempt to reach audience more closely. The previous edition, which was designed to present family-oriented films, is now extending with two extra sections Shorts-Kids and Shorts-Youth targeting more specified age groups. It will also show all the 17 films in barrier free versions so that wider range of audience can come and enjoy.

I wish that the 34th Busan International Short Film Festival will bring an opportunity for audience to enjoy the unique tastes and charms that only short films can deliver with its 160 films from 42 countries.

Head Programmer of BISFF
Hong Yungjoo
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