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BISFF 2018 Introduction

The Busan International Short Film Festival aspires to play an important role in the world of short films, and to become the hub of Asian shorts. To that end, each and every one of the films screened at the festival, and the programs they compose, are essential. Dealing with problems generally faced by today's society and proposing hot topics of discussion, the selected shorts reflect the past, present and future of film art. Their individual qualities aside, these films will plainly display the specific tendencies of the modern short film. Firstly, short films' artistry and creativity will be put to the test in the 'International Competition' and the Korean Compet1t1on programs, ultimately providing an avenue to sum up today's short films. Secondly, New Zealand is our 2018 Guest Country, which our audience will have a chance to be better acquainted with and to further understand. 'New Zealand Rainbow' shows the diverse yet harmonious society inhabiting the country. 'New Zealand Cineaste' puts together the debut shorts by great New Zealander filmmakers who went on to make major contributions to the world of film. And 'New Zealand Panorama' is a collection of New Zealand's most talked-about and recent shorts. With this program, and also thanks to an opening performance by the Maori, the source of New Zealand culture, April 2018 will be a month to experience the arts and culture of New Zealand in Busan. Thirdly, the 'World Shorts', which began last year, will maintain its established framework while bringing new subjects and films to the table. The 'Prism' program shines a spotlight on female director Maya Deren, one of the most important American experimental filmmakers. The 'Landscape of Asian Shorts' provides an opportunity to affirm the progress of Asian short films by way of three sections, one highlighting an achievement (the Oscar® qualification), the second a country (Indonesia), and the third a theme (tales and superstitions). Our international gifts to the audience will be in 'Curtain Call', which puts together award-winning shorts from major international film festivals, and in 'Short Letter from Quebec', which presents films that bring along the unique identity and sensibility from this French-speaking province in Canada. Lastly, we have prepared films that befit this year's festival slogan, 'Now, All Together'. You will be able to see a push in more participation of films made by filmmakers in and/or from Busan, the new hub of Korean films. Furthermore, a significant number of shorts in our Competitions and the focus on Maya Deren in the 'Prism' program reveal our intent to address the always relevant and timely theme of 'feminism'. Meanwhile, the 'imagination of children' will be manifest in the 'Shorts for Family' program, which was designed for children and teenagers to take a closer step towards short films. All this is the result of our wish for more people to join us and attend the festival. But, by giving more prominence to the oft-silenced or neglected voices of women and children, and by better showcasing Busan and its creators, the BISFF 2018 also hopes to mine treasures from the past so they may become today's lessons. We hope that all who visit the 35th BISFF will enjoy a meaningful time with the short films.

Senior Programmer of BISFF
Lee Sanghoon
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